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    Mobile Car Detailing


    Our exceptional staff will bring the car wash right to your front door. We specialize in interior and exterior detailing for your car, truck, SUV, RV, or boat. Our professionals come to you equipped with their own water and detailing supplies. With our services, it has never been easier to have your car looking like it’s fresh from the dealership. We offer a variety of affordable packages so that you can get the expert cleaning that your car has been dreaming of. Our team uses the same effort and precision on each and every vehicle that we service. Whether you want the basic package or the high-end detail, we promise that you’ll be satisfied with our services because we work with mobile detailing companies around the country such as Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros.

    Interior Detailing

    We offer a wide variety of services to get rid of the grime that inevitably builds in your car. Our team will have you feeling proud to drive your car around town. Whether you’re picking up that special someone or simply running errands, we have got you covered! We offer many great services such as:

    • Upholstery and carpet shampoo
    • Stain removal service 
    • Headliner cleaning 
    • Vent vacuuming 
    •  Window cleaning 
    • And more! 

    For more information about our interior detailing services, click here

    Interior view of a car
    Applying car cleaning solution

    Exterior Detailing

    We take pride in our exterior detailing services, just like you take pride in your car. You can count on us to ensure that your car looks good-as-new. Some of our exterior services include:
    • Hand wash
    • Hand dry
    • Wheel cleaning
    • Hand wax
    • Tire shine
    • And more!
    For a list of all our exterior services, click here.

    Convenient, Quality Wash and Wax

    We come to you at home or work. With your busy schedule, we know it can be hard to find time to get the services that you need. That’s why we think that you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to get a high-quality detail service. 

    We know how important your car is to you. Our team of highly-trained professionals will handle your vehicle with the utmost care and respect. Each and every one of our automotive professionals is thoroughly vetted to ensure you get that perfect finish every single time. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that we will go the extra mile to give you and your car the treatment that you deserve. 

    Cleaning a dirty truck with power hose

    Wash vs. Detail: Which should I get?

    The purpose of a car wash is to remove the surface buildup of dirt and grime from your vehicle. Often, this is done with the use of a chemical detergent and some brushes or towels to remove the contaminants. Vehicle experts such as are partners who specialize in car detailing Abbotsford, recommend that you wash your vehicle about once every two weeks, this ensures that the finish doesn’t wear down over time. While car washes are important, they certainly don’t cover all the areas of concern for vehicles over time. 
    A detail, on the other hand, is a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning from a professional team. Not only does this mean a more in-depth washing process on the exterior, but a full sanitization of the interior as well. Keeping your car clean on the interior is vital for the health and safety of you and your passengers. Regular detailing means that the value is retained in your vehicle, in case you ever decide to sell it, and you’ll be able to keep it running smoothly and properly until that point. At Wash UR Wheels, our professionals carefully inspect all areas that a normal car wash may overlook, including the seats, doorjambs, windows, rims, and just about any other car part you can think of – we clean it all.  
    Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson
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    My kid spilled about 32 oz. of grape soda in the car yesterday. Thanks to Wash UR Wheels, I was able to get my car cleaned in less than 48 hours. Just in time for date night!
    Stephanie Ryan
    Stephanie Ryan
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    I never have time to take my car to the car wash, let alone do it myself. Fortunately, Wash UR Wheels has helped me keep my car sparkling. Always friendly and courteous, couldn't be more pleased.
    Joseph Carter
    Joseph Carter
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    Big shoutout to Wash UR Wheels. I finally started leasing my first vehicle and was looking to get a routine wash. I came across these guys and they do great work. I know my new car will continue to look new for as long as I have it.

    Fleet Cleaning

    Whether you’re a fleet manager or a small business owner, WashURWheels has the tools to have your fleet looking spotless. Your fleet is the basis of your mobile marketing, so by ensuring that your vehicles are looking uniform and presentable, you can also ensure that you give the best first impression to other drivers on the road. We are strong believers that the difference is in the details, and we hope you feel the same way. For more information on our fleet servicing options, click here. Contact us today for a quote on your fleet!

    Ceramic Coating


    Get the ultimate protection for your car with our ceramic coating services! Our team of experts use the latest technology and highest-quality products to provide a durable, long-lasting coating that will keep your car looking brand new. Our mobile car wash service makes it easy for you to have your car coated at your convenience, without the hassle of having to drop it off at the shop. Don’t settle for a basic wash, tale the extra step to protect your investment with our ceramic coating services. Book now and see the difference yourself!

    Our ceramic coating not only provides a high-gloss, sleek finish, but it also offers superior protection against environmental elements such as harmful UV rays, bird droppings, and road debris. The hydrophobic properties make it simple to clean and maintain, keeping your car pristine for years to come. Plus, our ceramic coating is scratch resistant, making it perfect for daily drivers.

    Don’t wait! Book your appointment today and experience the ultimate car protection and shine with our ceramic coating. You’ll love the way your car looks and feels, and we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results. Contact us now to book your appointment and get your car looking new again!

    Odor & Stain Treatment


    One thing that sets apart a detailing service from a traditional car wash is the care that’s put into the interior of the vehicle. We strive to revive the showroom finish of your vehicle. For the rambunctious families out there, we offer stain treatment on leather and cloth seats. For our smokers out there, we offer odor removal. Regardless of your circumstances or needs, we assure you that no job is too difficult for our team. We will have your vehicle looking good as new, and that’s simply our brand’s promise to you. 

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